Eran Shayovich

Mentor, CEO & Founder of the Digiguidance Group
  • Eran has over 12 years of experience in internet marketing and media buying. With vast knowledge in SEO, AdWords and Facebook advertising, over the last four years (through Admarch the FB advertising agency) he chose to focus his efforts on FB advertising and in the gaming industry specifically. This resulted in Digiguidance becoming one of the leading companies in FB advertising in the gaming niche.
  • Lately his focus shifted to new opportunities and chances to build life changing products in the blockchain and gaming industries.
  • Eran works on his online games PHD. In the last decade he produced international conferences, created workshops, multimedia, television programs and books which he helped promote to become Amazon bestsellers in their category.
  • He believes that through listening, mentoring and bringing people together, we can successfully face the challenges to come, both as individuals and as a society.