Sami Asaad

Mentor, Vice President Kav Mashve
  • Sami brings years of management experience in the areas of human resources, recruitment, training, and customer service, in leading Israeli organizations. At Kav Mashve, he is responsible for building a variety of workshops in career development, personal empowerment and personal skills development.
    Sami is a sought after lecturer by Israeli employers speaking on issues such as employment-related cultural characteristics of the Arab society, and how to build or adapt employer's recruitment processes to enable successful recruitment and assimilation of Arabs in the Israeli workforce.
  • His rich experience and high industry engagement in promoting diversity in the workplace working with both employment candidate and employers, places him as a highly influential figure in achieving quantitative and qualitative results in the integration of Arab academics into the core of activity and employment in the Israeli economy.
  • Sami holds an MA in Labor Studies from Tel Aviv University.