Ono Mentors Club

An invitation-only club intended for OnoVation Entrepreneurship Center’s mentors. The program presents unique content and networking opportunities for two of our most valued audiences: our mentors and partners. Program details are mailed periodically to the participants.

Academic Leaders


Yair Sakov

Yair Sakov Chairman, Entrepreneurship Center Yair has over 25 years of executive management experience in the high-tech industry and, in parallel, 16 years of diverse

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Dr. Gil Avnimelech

Dr Gil Avnimelech Founder and Director, Entrepreneurship Center Over 10 years of experience as lecturer of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial finance. Over 15 years of experience

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"The fact that StartOno Accelerator is managed by highly experience business people contributed substantially to our success. The program is very well planned, market focused, based on real-life experience and customer orientation. We came in with an idea and came out with a robust startup plan."
Hatzav Aviv
Meeba CTO, Cohort 7/2017
"Our mentors were amazing. Serial entrepreneurs, with multiple exits, investing a great deal of their time, patiently working and guiding us. An incredible team with tremendous experience and rare network of connections for us to leverage."
Kfir Kimhi
ITsMine CEO, Cohort 7/2017
"It was refreshing and productive to find an academic accelerator that was able to merge successfully the academics with the common practice in entrepreneurship, by integrating an innovative mentorship plan"
Maerav Michaelson
SkooBi CEO, Cohort 7/2017
"StartOno Accelerator provided me with the tools to become a successful entrepreneur. The team turned my vision into practice, with a lot of patience, best mentoring and a professional work plan."
Rudi Zadok
WolfBet CEO, Cohort 7/2017
"I was highly impressed with the quality of the teams and their skillful presentation. Some very interesting ideas."
Eyal Niv
Pitango General Managing Partner, Demo Day Judge
"Some really nice startups and great presentation. StartOno made an impressive entry into the accelerators list."
Moran Bar
CEO GekTime, Demo Day Judge
"I very much enjoyed the atmosphere and professionalism at StartOno Accelerator. I worked with a very impressive startup team and look forward to work with the next one"
Eran Yarkoni
Serial Entrepreneur, Mentor
"We are here to shape and develop entrepreneurs by providing a well-structured program coupled with highly experienced mentors. On the way, we help them build a strong case for their startup and a viable and sustainable business plan."
Yair Sakov
Chairman, Ono Entrepreneurship Center
"Entrepreneurship is not about ideas or about business planning. It is about making things happen by experimentation, learning and exaction. In StartOno we push you do these experimentation early and fast"
Dr. Gil Avnimelech
Founder and Director, Ono Entrepreneurship Center