People like to reminisce on events in their lives, relive the memory with others who were there, and share it with those who were not. However, no platform exist to help in doing so. Facebook allows sharing memories with Facebook friends. Memoir writers help share with readers. But what about connecting with those “who were there”?  

Like MyHeritage is connecting people, Tarasa is connecting memories. The company developed a platform enabling people to share and connect memories. Memories related to a place, an event, a period in time, and other memories. The platform collects memories, catalogs them based on location and time, attach tags, and is seeking connections to other users “who were there”, helping to share and relive the moment.

Tarasa was founded in 2016 by Guy Barak, Dr. Boaz Lev-Tov, Maayan Ragonis and Tomer Nussbaum.

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