World Of Marathon

The number of marathon events and the number of runners in the world is growing significantly. From short marathons to ultra marathons. The project team, marathon runners and “Iron Man” themselves found that there is a problem that there are no tourist services suitable for runners and those who accompany them. The process of embarking on the marathon includes: a search for a destination where an event is taking place, a registration for the event, a hotel reservation adapted to the requirements of the runners, an introduction to restaurants in the area that provide meals required before the marathon, and services after the conclusion of the marathon. In addition, marathon runners are usually accompanied by escorts. 

This kind of vacation requires careful and relevant planning that will enable the runners to find the best and most suitable conditions while building an appropriate holiday built around the competition for the lenders as well. The project develops a platform that integrates all the relevant data and services and enables marathon runners to plan and order all that is required for them and their escorts, in one place in advance and in personalization. In addition, the platform will be the right hand of the marathon tourist during the vacation, and he will be able to consume the services offered at any stage he needs. Beyond the services offered, the platform will provide the groundwork for creating a global running community that will allow the connection between world runners, both for running a specific competition and for the global network of a very unique community.

The company was founded in 2018 by Guy PearlDaniel Ramon, and Or Rubin 




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